Jane P.


Latif helped me pick out the perfect floor covering--and they have many to choose from--and then sent over a crew of excellent installers who got the job done quickly, and it all looks great. One of the best parts of the process was Latif was genuinely interested in making sure that I was going to be happy with my choice, and he added in a few extra details to make it even better, including a cleaning service to mop up all the dust and wipe down the counters after the floor was installed. An excellent company!

Sandy B.


I found the right color that I needed at this place. They have big selection of everything. The sales man was very nice and courteous. I liked the way this place is setup. The price is very affordable and the quality is perfect. I definitely recommend this place. Thanks to Omar.

Steve D.

Patio Decking

It is very affordable. They have high quality material and big selection. They will do the job A to Z. I would definitely recommend them.

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